We also have a variety of Romi Mikos.

He used parentheses to relax his shoulders, and even though they all look the same to me, the effects of parentheses are different parentheses! There were many massage equipment in Uijeongbu 1-person shop massage shop, so it was cooler and fresher than other places.

So far, it has been related to Ulsan Aroma and Ulsan emotional Swed Swedish Aroma. The shop I visited after a long time was perfect for a crab, and I still remember the president’s kindness and unfamiliarity with the neatness that adds to the bright atmosphere. He seemed kind to take care of me even a little more, and most importantly, he was 마사지 very good at managing aroma. Thank you for receiving the delicate and neat aroma therapy. Of course, I’m a paid customer, but I felt strongly that there should be a touch in what people do when they take care of me properly and try my best. For those of you who don’t know Ulsan Aroma and Ulsan emotional Swedish Aroma, and those who want to get aromatherapy but can’t get proper care because of lack of information, I’ve been putting off my busy schedule and posting this method. I will continue to post a lot of information in this way, and I will take some time to write down what happened on that day based on my experiences.

I’m sorry to say that my care is over, but now I’m heading to the shower booth to take a refreshing shower. The one-person shop massage shop was well equipped with the necessary shower supplies and the booth was very clean.

My usual course is #Jongrosweedishimasaji course, but there are a variety of Romomi courses available from 60 minutes to 120 minutes.

All of these courses have been offered discounts because they are even holding a price event through the Gunma Guide site.

(All discounts are available in cash only in advance, so be sure to refer to them before you go.~)

I feel this every time I visit, but the manager’s skills are so good that I’m very satisfied with this place, so even if I get a little stress, I think.

It’s where you fly. I’ll tell you in more detail by recalling my memories of my trip.

Uijeongbu shop also had skincare and toiletries needed, so there was no shortage.

The towels were also clean without a damp smell.

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