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I’ve got a double-ball on Melkin. I bought a Melkin dual ball and a single massage ball a year ago, but this time I bought a Melkin dual ball.
The Melkin Dual Ball I bought on the recommendation of my yoga teacher is big and not hard.
It’s a safe product because it’s certified as safe as harmful substance.
Our bodies were very stiff and our cervical vertebrae weren’t bad, so they recommended a softer type of batter’s mouth.
I didn’t stretch at all, so I just pressed my spine and it hurt so much. This time, I learned a new way to massage the spine with Melkin’s dual massage ball and received shoulder acupuncture.
My yoga teacher not only learned yoga but also learned how to treat it, so she touched a place that wasn’t bad.
It was a very simple move and I only massaged my shoulders, but I was stretched out because I was tired for the whole time.
Therefore, we decided to use the existing massage ball for the shoulders and neck, and the dual massage ball for the spine and hips.
Each one of them has a different color. I should have bought it after matching the colors.
Anyway, I’ve taken out all the balls to 스웨디시 relax my body.
I went to the Han River park with my yoga teacher and stretched out a yoga mat.
I’ve been through this whole corona thing. I didn’t pay attention to other people’s eyes and worked diligently.
I had a hard time for a few days, but after that, I felt so refreshed and cool.
The yoga teacher gave me a note that I could prepare and record for training.
Thank you for teaching me and encouraging me to do that.
In addition to the Melkin Dual Massage Ball, you wrote that you should clean up the intestines of the popular guagari and eat lactobacillus well.
It’s not easy to break up abdominal breathing, but it’ll get better. At first, it will start with the cervical vertebrae and release the abdomen, thigh, and calf.
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