There are simple items for cleaning up after massage maintenance and sanitation.

The Foot Shop Gently Relaxes Dongtan Massage

If you feel a lump in your stomach,

You need a gentle stimulation.

It’s a signal. We’ll set up a place.

If there’s a place that’s better than going,

It’s a style of looking for.

This time, the cost-effectiveness of the charcoal massages

to the best of one’s ability

I’ve been to The Foot Shop KTX station.

Located on the third floor of the shopping mall just in front of 동탄 마사지 Dongtan Station.

It’s easy to find and parking is a matter of fact.

No, I don’t have to worry about parking.

These days, wherever you go, you can move.

I guess so.

Every business day from 10:30 a.m.

We have plenty of time until 1 a.m.

When you want to relieve your fatigue late at night,

That’d be great. But pre-booking is a good idea.

You all know that it’s the basic, right?

It’s a job that doesn’t have holidays.

Just in case you had some free time on weekdays.

I’m calling to ask you, but the schedule just happened.

Just because one is empty in the early afternoon,

My husband and I had a nice visit.

Maybe it’s because it’s a hot city, but the whole store is…

There’s no vacancy. In the elevator.

I’m going up, and I’m going to have a building like this.

Every day without the need for a cochlearn.

I thought I’d fly in the fresh air with my husband and I…

I’ve been joking.

If you get off on the third floor, there’s an information banner on the left and right!

It’s obvious that this is where I’m looking.

Okay. Foot care and dry back care.

Aroma care is usually done like this.

As you can see, service charges are really…

Isn’t he nice? It’s a scale like this.

You’ll get it from a place with a luxury interior.

It’s not the price, but I’m going to start with that’s

Let’s go in.

The exterior looks like a high-end Chinese management shop.

I’m flying, but the interior part is really…

It’s important. according to the atmosphere

It looks better, and it’s the other way around here.

There is. Anyway, my taste.

There’s a short notice at the entrance.

There’s one thing, but when you think about foot care, most of the time,

He’s got a strong, acupressure style.

I guess you’re thinking about it. It’s a place like that.

No, it’s not. It’s a gentle care.

It’s a place.
I gave you my name at the desk.

Take out the locker key and get the clothes.

They’re telling me to change and come out.

I’m using number five, and my husband’s on the male side.

I don’t know exactly since I’m gone. at the entrance

It’s exactly the same. Just in case.

You don’t have to worry about bumping into each other.

It’s a place. And lockers and shoe cabinets.

Because the height is the same, the shoe is at the entrance.

Take it off and go straight to the fitting room.

It’s all right. In a word, it’s a hassle.

I didn’t.
There’s a cute slipper in the shoe closet.

It’s in there. I think it’s mid-week.

It’s time. It’s quiet inside.

with a gentle aroma that spreads softly and gently.

From the entrance to the music playing.

It makes me feel better when I feel better.

It’s that kind of place. The lighting itself is a reflection.

It’s a lot different from the usual places.

It’s set up. Maybe more so.

I think they can feel it.

Inside the locker, there’s a way to change it.

Your clothes are in good order.

You can choose and wear it according to your size.

dry and dry and dry and dry.

I don’t know if it’s because it’s a cotton dress, but it

I felt good. And a little bit.

Softeners such as baby powder scents

It’s a style that I like, so it’s more like that.

You might have felt it.

Inside the locker room, take care of the burn massage and clean up afterwards.

Simple supplies for and sanitation.

They’re ready. After being administered

And if you navigate to the appointed place.

It’s not a problem.

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