I’m sure you’re going to have a heart attack during the 24 o’clock massage.

I hate winter. The weather has to be cold enough to make my feet cold and my hands cold. On a day like this, one of them is fish buns, and one of them is Daegu massage. ㅠㅠ If I relieve it with cool pressure, I felt like I was losing all the stress and fatigue that I had accumulated for a week, but I haven’t been able to go these days, so I’m dying of boredom. So with my earnest desire to go, I’ll introduce you to 24 o’clock massage in Daegu! Please note that all of these places have been to, and the order is irrelevant to the ranking!

Daegu Golden-dong White

First of all, the 24 o’clock massage in Daegu is white located in Hwanggeum-dong. It’s a place with a really white and clean image like the name ^^. At first, my colleague from the same department went to the restaurant first, and we went there together after the company dinner. I didn’t expect it, but it was a better place than I thought, so it was memorable for a long time.

Since then, I’ve been doing well on my own. ^^ Daegu Swedish Massage is also very famous, with a regular Swedish and emotional Swedish. If you think it’s just the difference between a massage and an emotional massage, it’ll be easy. ^^ I’ll explain on a 60-minute basis. It’s currently on sale, so you can try it at a really low price. It’s 50,000 won for a regular Swedish massage and 80,000 won for a sentimental Swedish massage.

If you’d like to extend your therapy, you only 서초 건마 have to pay 40,000 won for an additional 30 minutes! It’s made up of only talented Korean teachers, so you can always get a high-quality massage even if the teacher changes every time you go. They’ve all completed therapy courses, so I can’t see any difference in their skills. It is located in Hwanggeum-dong, Suseong-gu and open from 1 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Daegu Sangdong Heart Attack Aroma

This is the second Daegu 24 o’clock massage parlor located in Sangdong. My name is Aroma, and I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this name, but of course, there’s a supervisor who’s really good at heart racing. ^^ It’s a place full of charms. I’m sure you’ll be surprised to see this place during the 24 o’clock massage in Daegu.

It’s divided into aroma massage and VIP course, and it’s unique from the 15 minute course. Even during the busy time, I can receive it quickly and quickly, so I never get the excuse that I was too busy to have time in the heart attack Rome. ^^ 40,000 won for 15 minutes to 60,000 won for 40 minutes, 80,000 won for 60 minutes and 120,000 won for 90 minutes. The VIP course is 90,000 won for 60 minutes and 150,000 won for 90 minutes.

It’s a little pricey, but I’m definitely relieved, so I sometimes use it when I’m paid or on a good day with a big bonus. ^^ All Korean managers in their 20s are open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. It is 5 minutes walk from Deokhwa Middle School, so you should all go there.

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