You just need to take care of the heat discharge area so that water doesn’t get in.

Pearl Care, which is recognized as a prominent brand in the skin beauty industry, has launched a product based on the core value of convenience, safety, effectiveness, and health, and these days, it is the main character of Galvanic Massage. It is my first time to use and experience a vivid beauty category.

Design close to the word smart beauty device

Galvanic Massage Pearl Care, which helps you make pearly skin that doesn’t change, has a luxurious design at a glance. The design of the pearl-white and rose-gold body is very luxurious, weighing about 213g, simple and lightweight, and the button is divided into the top status LED, mode button, level (hard medicine) select buttons, and the bottom is equipped with a charging LED window, which can be used alternately.

Pearl Care Galvanic Mode increases the absorption rate of cosmetics and improves skin elasticity, so even if you don’t need skin care, you can use Galvanic and Ultrasonic at home more effectively than 1 pack a day, so make sure it’s clean and clean! I like the 42mm wide head because it allows me to manage the large area efficiently unlike the products that were released in the market. Even if you don’t have to have a face, you can use it in various ways to gain weight or to take care of it!

What’s the technology with Galvanic Massage?

Galvanic massage machines are recommended for use in areas where cosmetics feel outside, dry and dull, reddish, moist, and dark skin conditions, especially when pregnant women, skin diseases or inflammation are present, and medical aids such as life support devices should not be used!

3 million ultrasonic massage vibrations per second

Temperature control from 12 to 41 degrees

Level 3 Customized Strength Galvanic 건마 Massage

The Galvanic Massage is basically an ultrasound device that generates heat and ultrasonic ions at the same time for the first time in the world, and is based on the ability to penetrate cosmetics into the skin with very weak currents that push the same poles apart.

Explain how to use the Galvanic Massage and mode

Overall, Galvanic Massage Pearl Care takes 10 minutes and automatically shuts down at 12 minutes, when you press the power button for 2 seconds and put it in whatever you want, Clean mode is turned on, Hot and ion is applied with cleansing cream, and Nutrient mode is a functional c-type that allows you to penetrate into cosmetics. I felt that every time I changed each mode, the mode and temperature function of the product changed exactly!

For the lively skin, we are using clean mode in the morning to cleanse while draining cation, and when we come back home and cleanse, we use boost mode together to close the pores, so we are using it in combination! If you have important PTs or work days, you can find the smartest way to completely change your skin in 30 minutes a day by using a boost mode that can help you eat cosmetics or skin lotion a little better and calm your skin after going out! Cleaning and storage after use was not difficult either, but the head should be cleaned with a dry towel or cotton pad after use, and the bottom heat release part should be managed well to prevent water from entering.

Felix’s Pick

Let’s take care of my investment skin that even men do.

The Galvanic so-called Galvanic effect, which everyone was thinking about once to use, allows for the effectiveness of cosmetics deep in the skin, and I think it’s a product that accurately penetrates the keyword Glooming these days, a Galvanic Massager Pearl Care, and is reborn as a man with a product philosophy.

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