Thai massage to finish late.

He was my mentor at my first job, but we’re the same age, so we’re close.

It’s been more than half a year since my old friend left.

In the meantime, we’ve been busy with our work, so we’ve been texting

We met this time at Haeundae Thai Massage.

I got it, and I ate something delicious.

The day I met a friend and got a massage together,

It was the first time, but I want to remember a good time.

It’s not enough, but I’ve prepared a review.

We met at the beach parking lot.

Before we go to the Grand Hotel, we’re going to the alley of the Volkswagen Showroom.

If you walk in there, you’ll find this parking lot at the intersection.

If you look diagonally, you’ll see a big three-story building.

There’s a sign on it.

No matter where I go, I have to take care of my personal hygiene.

And inside, we’re going to quarantine the interior every week.

Space is often ventilated and disinfected.

I cleaned my hands well with a hand sanitizer before I went in.

When we got there, we were having a couple experience event.

I loved it because the price was so high.

Instead, we have to go with two people before 9 p.m. on weekdays.

Applicable only for new membership.

And when I came in, it was simple, it was luxurious, and it had lights.

I don’t use it too much, so my nerves 강남 건마 are stable.

I can feel the calmness.

When you’re in the same company, you’re done.

As a gift to myself, Haeundae Thai Massage

I told you we’d get it, but we made it on our bucket list.

We went to the women’s room, talking about the same thing.

There’s a dressing table, and on top of it, there’s a dressing table

Just like everything’s been moved, erasing makeup.

It was all in my skin care.

Lockers are a way of entering passwords.

There’s no risk of losing the key, and when I opened it, it was

in a neat state of clothing

I could keep it.

I checked the shower room in the dressing room.

We were supposed to get a tie, but later on,

I thought I’d take a shower, and I thought it was a messy place.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

It was a brand you could use.

After I changed my clothes, I went into the foot bath.

A friend is a person whose muscles are easily tense.

I take a foot bath at home, and I do it in the bathroom.

It was nice to be warm in here, and the second-hand lighting.

He said he liked the atmosphere because he used it sensibly.

Listen to what it’s like to be transferred to a company friend.

I put my feet in the warm water.

You want me to replenish the moisture.

He gave it to me.

I put my foot in the hot water right away, and the cheese…

I was melting like it was melting.

He scrubbed my feet.

To show my feet to others

Shame on you, but without a moment of shame.

They scrubbed me cool.

The reason why we chose Haeundae Thai Massage is specialized

Korean management company from legs to pelvis and waist with palm

Sometimes, you have to press it with your elbow and make sure that every move is accurate.

‘Cause the pressure’s been released.

Especially when I turn my neck back because I have a severe turtle neck.

I didn’t do well because I felt pain, but I got a massage.

Next time, it’s going to be smooth, and it’s refreshing.

It was nice to see you bigger.

The only thing I could definitely get my neck back on was a massage.

I think it’s all thanks to the straightening.

It allows the muscles to completely relax.
After the massage, get out of the room and focus on the hallway.

I’ve been through all the other rooms.

This is a room for three people.

Personally, I have two close friends, including myself.

I thought it would be okay if three of course.

Besides this, we have a one-person room.

When you get a massage, you go with your party.

If you want to get a massage separately,

I could use a single room.

I thought I was going home after looking around different types of rooms.

I know, but right after the massage, my throat…

So that it doesn’t dry up, and the internal blood circulation.

Just because you’re offering me a car to do better,

I’m touched.

close enough to share a hobby with a friend

I feel like I’ve moved away from my friend’s job.

I heard that there was a pile of stuff in Cheongdam The Thai.

I was able to relieve my fatigue and get closer.

Wrap up the review of Haeundae Thai Massage

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