There’s more platforms ahead

It is boring to hear that content marketing and video content are important.

However, it seems that there are not many marketers, agencies, and production companies that understand how to use video content for marketing 백링크 with large frames and details.

Marketers and companies who know how to make ‘boom’ videos on Instagram and YouTube can easily find them.

However, few people clearly answer why they should make such videos and when and how to use them.

There are many video marketing perspectives in content marketing as well!

Among them, the easy and clear method is to plan and produce videos tailored to the customer’s purchasing process, and the distribution method is also very important.

Marketing is an activity in which companies continue to strengthen the purchasing process of potential customers through video content.

Video marketing enables customers to make purchase decisions and accelerate the purchase process.

Many people refer to the information when purchasing a particular product or service.

If companies provide the right content to solve customers’ problems, they become interested in brand products and are much more likely to buy them.

Video content is more attractive and more immersive than text and images.

When delivering a message to a customer, the message must be properly placed and distributed at each point in the purchasing process.

The placement, distribution, and measurement of content by this purchasing process makes it easy to see where it works and what needs to be improved.

If potential customers recognize our brand through the “acknowledge” process, we need content to increase our participation.

Immersion means immersion.

By default, prospects are still less focused on their products and services.

Therefore, we need to connect the attributes of the product we want to sell to increase the participation of potential customers and the benefits of potential customers.

Just as the relationship between people and potential customers becomes stronger through various opportunities, there can be various opportunities in the relationship between companies and potential customers.

To increase the mentioned participation, we can list the various characteristics of the car brand we want to sell to potential customers and choose the most attractive and strategic characteristics compared to our competitors.

Prospects who have increased their engagement enough to consider purchasing now need content that is the final step: tapping the purchase button.

Promoters who have already increased their participation may be subscribers to certain brands of channels, and in the case of cars, they will be able to join a user group.

In this state, the content you need can be experienced, pre-experienced, and discounted, making it easier to purchase.

Maintenance refers to the repurchase and upselling of our products and services by existing customers.

Therefore, we need to create content thoroughly in the context of existing customers!

If content is added to secure new customers by being greedy, it becomes a content that is not this.

You should check your marketing goals before creating video content.

Video marketing is a little different from the video content of the channel we have encountered.

What does viral advertising for viral mean in marketing?

It’s a one-dimensional marketing perspective that many people are watching and think it will be helpful.

The same is true for packaging such as exposure, reach, ingestion, and conversion.

Content without clear marketing goals is a waste no matter how it is packaged.

The goal of marketing varies from company to company.

Video marketing is likely to fail if marketing goals such as inflow of new customers, upselling, and loyalty to existing customers are omitted.

We need to determine how we build and deploy

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