Answer the question of where to start

We have to start with the consumer’s thoughts.

First in marketing,

I think if I learned marketing in college, I would have heard a lot of these words.

It’s called 백링크 environmental analysis.

It’s about analyzing our surroundings.

What market is it called analyzing?

There’s a word market in the word marketing.

Marketing is a market. What’s a market? A market.

What’s in the market? There’s a guy who sells things and lives.

The market is the place where the consumer and the supplier meet.

The fact that the word “market” has an ing

Marketing is what makes it sustainable for consumers and suppliers to meet.

So the market meets these consumers and suppliers, but it can be seen as a person itself.

We have this environmental analysis that changes the environment every minute.

The market environment continues to change and people’s thoughts and desires continue to change.

So the marketers say that they should be bright about the changes of the times or people’s needs.

So knowing these things is more important than anything.

So marketing has to start with identifying the market and understanding consumers’ thoughts.

When studying this part of the environmental analysis, I talk about macro/micro-environmental analysis.

But rather than that theory, your product category,

And you’re looking for information with interest in people who need your products.

I’ve been looking for newspapers, interviews, books, magazines, and I’ve been looking for people,

It is about creating an eye for what the market is like, what the present is, what the future will be like while reviving the past.

Then let me talk about this a little more specifically.

Marketing is called microenvironmental analysis,

The three most important things in marketing.

I, you and the consumer. It’s a process of self-analysis, competitor analysis, customer analysis.

Ironically, we don’t know ourselves

Companies often do not know their own companies.

It’s about analyzing my environment, my abilities.

Our company is looking closely at what kind of strength is there.

And the second is to analyze customers, consumers,

We need to start with a consumer interest. What needs do my target customers have?

And which is uncomfortable and problematic?

And what is important for them to make a purchase decision?

We’re looking for answers to who our client is.

And the strengths I have.

You can find out what help they can give to customers and those things

And then we’re more certain by doing a third competitor analysis.

I’m looking at the competitiveness of my competitors.

What competitiveness and differences do you have, and weaknesses look closely at what

Something I have that will help my customers.

And the competitors don’t have. We find the concept to talk about next time.

The first thing you need to do in starting marketing

Start with understanding the market, thinking about consumers

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