It was different from the feeling and cool as well

He was very heavy and very stung.

I thought I’d get better off

As we get, we get more and more stiff

I don’t think I should stay still.

I’m gonna do it myself, and I’m gonna do it

I don’t think the harm is working at all

So, I’m gonna introduce a friend

I’m taking it.

I was reluctant to go around a lot

I’m glad I’ve seen that it’s a good idea

It was sitting in a place that wasn’t difficult.

Get out through exit two of the subway station

I walked 강남피쉬안마 along the street

It took less than five minutes to see the building.

Honestly, no matter how good a place is

If it’s hard to get close, it’s hard to get back

It’s true that I’m a little hesitant.

That was a nice start.

I’m going to throw my head back and look up

I saw a Healing Thai sign up there.

Next to it is a healthy cultural space

There was a little sign.

I don’t think it’s gonna be a good idea

I can hear stories often

I’m not gonna let you in

You’re worried about it in many ways.

We can check it before we get in

I was relieved.

When I saw him outside the building, he said he was pretty high

He was sitting on the high floor.

There’s a sign that’s easy to find inside

I’m the first to visit the healing Thai Hwajeong Massage

I didn’t have to go to the wrong place.

The real massage is where the teachers

The force that feels from the entrance to the door

This is the right place, so I’m gonna need you

Doesn’t that feel like it’s spreading?

I feel that nuance somehow

I remember laughing a little.

And the phrases that politely decline decadence

It was a relief because it was listed together.

The moment you take one step inside

I was a little surprised.

I’m not sure I’m going to find

It’s very spaciously set.

I heard it was a big scale.

on the whole, it’s more monotonous

I felt a unique sensibility.

to the picture frame one attached to the wall

as if you were carefully decorating

It was a very different atmosphere.

And as if you were paying a great deal of attention to hygiene

He was clean and clean.

I’m waiting to see the decorations

I found a lot of things.

I have a discount on the offer

It’s the case when you proceed with the advance payment.

I was wondering why,

I’ll call him in advance and I’ll be able to

I heard it was about the Noshos.

Anything you promise is to be kept.

You know, in a bottle like a baby fragrance

They had aroma products in them.

Every one of them feels rich in flavor

I like the luxury

I had a hard time choosing.

I know that you’re using the Healing Thai

These are very nice things.

A company owned by the Thai royal family?

I don’t remember exactly

He said it was a natural oil product.

The space where you can manage your feet is also very

It was being kept clean.

with the sofa looking comfortable

The support was also made of heavy leather

She can look like she’s gonna be able to

I could certainly relieve my tiredness.

I was waiting and I was going

Some people have been passing by.

And among them, young couples

He was pretty visible.

There was a separate room inside

It was a place where family, men and women could share.

So, for the purpose of management

I come alone and proceed

a date-visited visit

I think there were a lot of lovers.

together, the time can be spent together

the muscle uniting is loosed a little bit

I can take care of myself

It’s about getting the effect of two trillion.

Each bed seemed to be very concerned about cleanliness

all in neat, neat forms

I could see it was in place.

The hygiene kept getting my eyes on it.

But there was no particular intrusion

I could tell it was keeping up

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