Let’s get the waste off the bottom

The number of women visiting is increasing due to cold stomach cold stomach

Unlike men, lower abdomen 스웨디시 health is very important for women.

Women have more than half of the immune cells in the uterus and vagina.

Therefore, in women, the immune system of the human body depends on the quality and the health condition of the uterus.

When the vagina and uterus become healthy, the toxins do not accumulate well in the human body, and the skin troubles disappear and the color becomes clear.

Conversely, if the uterus is not healthy, it causes various diseases related to women’s diseases such as menstrual pain, physiology irregularity, uterine myoma, and cold lower part.

Because women regularly menstruate, the circulation of blood vessels is very important, and when the circulation of blood vessels stagnates, blood vessels occur

It is easy to get these women’s diseases.

Chronic stress, wrong eating habits such as cold food, and excessive intake of various instant products are the main factors that make the abdomen and lower abdomen cold.

In addition, when the intestinal dysfunction occurs, the bowel is sagging, causing the uterus to be pressed, and the wastes that are not discharged from the human body turn into toxins, which clogs the circulation of the uterus.

So for all women, warming the lower abdomen is very important in improving immunity.

The cheerful light-lock healing of Gangnam massage has a proven effect on warming the abdomen and lower abdomen.

After drilling the whole body meridian, it promotes the circulation of blood in the lower abdomen through the abdominal massage lower abdomen massage.

After exhausting the abdominal gas, all five intestines are gently relaxed.

Many women who have already visited have improved menstrual pain, pre-physiological syndrome, and physiology with a few healing sessions, and most of the women’s diseases such as lower abdomen and lower abdomen have been resolved

In addition, the pleasure meridian healing has the effect of clearing the skin as the lower abdomen warms and the toxin discharge in the human body becomes smooth, and the skin becomes clear.

I have informed you about the effect of all women’s diseases when the lower abdomen is warmer in the Gangnam massage

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