I was choosing the oil for my aroma massage.

It’s close to Jonggak Station, but there’s a large parking lot for people who come by car to use.

There is a parking lot in the building, and you can use it for up to 2 hours because you can use it for free by talking to the shop and giving you a free parking ticket.

I didn’t have to feel burdened.

So far, it was related information about Daegu Aroma. Not long ago, I happened to be searching Naver and saw an application called Gunma 24 that specializes in introducing aroma whole-body management of aroma. The Gunma 24 was an image design that seemed to emphasize neatness, a clean and high-end dark color application, and a sophisticated and clean look away from the old 70s and 80s who seemed to follow Thailand a lot. It was well organized and easy to find for everyone. So after searching for about 10 minutes, I found a white therapy that is good at Aroma in Suseong-gu. It just came to me that I’m good at managing things. I couldn’t believe I had this high quality of care.

I was drinking tea and choosing the oil for my aroma 스웨디시 massage. They explained the names and effects of oil in various kinds so that it’s easy to understand. Among them, my favorite scent was mandarin oil, but I heard it energizes my tired mind and body, so I liked it and decided to use mandarin oil.There’s also a Sweetsy massage. Next time, I’m going to get another one.

After choosing the oil, I moved to the changing room to change my clothes. I visited after work, so I had a lot of luggage and thick clothes, but there was plenty of locker space, so it was enough to store my luggage. There was also a powder room with a big mirror, so it looked very comfortable to put on makeup. It was a 24-hour massage shop, so everything was fine.

I really liked the place where I visited after a long time. I can’t say that I’m the best in Daegu, but it was a skill that would be second to none. I often receive Daegu aroma, so there was no unfamiliarity with my first visit. But there was a little awkwardness, maybe because he was a human. But when I first entered the shop, it seemed very friendly to me to see the managers and the CEO clean up the shop together. This is what I believed in more. I personally look at your mind when I visit the shop. The boss’s mind was also very good.

Since I will be in time for my reservation, the staff guided me to the fitting room so that I could get ready to take care of it right after the prepaid payment.

I also used the shower room in the changing room. As you can see in the picture, the facilities inside the shower room were very clean and luxurious.

Care simply shows good manners to wash before and after taking a shower after changing clothes into a separate prepared to move on, and care in bed.

Lie down~ I thought it was a bit embarrassing, but it’s a bit burdensome because the manager is good at keeping up with me, talking to me, and warming up the mood.

I could feel the manager’s touch comfortably in the atmosphere.

From this point on, I felt anxious, but it seemed like it’s been a long time since I disappeared.

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