To mask storage case This is how it was prepared.

At first, I thought it was a bit painful, but while I was in charge, you were able to control your strength and experience.

With my ability to control my speed, I made my body light and refreshed.

Sadang-dong Massage Shop manager is a real expert, so he’s a real expert, and he’s got to be precise about where he’s sick and where he’s going to be

I’m just pointing it out. Wow, that was the coolest thing I’ve ever received.

Maybe because they learned it in Thailand, they were really good.
Management Room Moved Across the Hall!

First of all, I liked the single room the best.

I was able to take care of myself!

But when I got it, the single room was really comfortable.

I can only focus on my management.

If you’ve been to a place where you’ve managed to sort it out with curtains or screens,

It’s a space that you’ll especially like.

I have an air purifier and an electronic closet.

It was good to keep my belongings.

All the real managers are small, so how could they possibly get that kind of power? tirelessly

It was so amazing that it kept me cool for 90 minutes.

The simple Thai jargon 마사지사이트 needed to receive the massage was also kindly attached to the wall of the room, but there was little to talk to.

Even though I was a Thai, I didn’t feel any inconvenience in communication.

When I got the care, I found out that the Trinity Spa’s bed

I thought it was thicker than anywhere else.

If it’s thick, it’s definitely a long time to lie down and be cared for.

I don’t have any pain in my body, and it’s really good for me Haha

Turns out it’s a European electric latex bed.

It is said that it can be customized because it can be adjusted up and down.

It can be used to fit the body type, and maybe that’s why.

It is said that pregnant women can receive it is convenient.

It’s hot in this weather. It’s hot.

It’s perfect for bedtime.

One seat per person for cleanliness.

It also thoroughly disinfects all kinds of furniture.

You can rest assured.~

Lockers to be used are matte gowns, disposable underwear to be worn during maintenance,

Accessory storage zipper bag, mask storage case.

This is how it was prepared.

The wine-slimming I got,

Please proceed with the whole point of epilepsy stimulation with an aromatherapy!

It was very cool because it stimulated the meridians with aromas.Hah!

I heard that you can also sell aroma saliva and aroma oil.

As a powerful antioxidant to the polyphenols of grapes,

It’s a great way to get rid of fat, edema, cellulite, pain, exfoliation at once.

It’s that kind of program.

bumpy lines, fleshy lines, cellulite, circulation degradation, immune degradation,

It’s perfect for people with dry skin.

These days, shops even have stylers. It was really cool to see them in person. When I went home, I was able to wear clothes that were sterilized clothes. Uijeongbu Shop Director’s got a good sense.

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