How to send 88카 used cars by car

When I contacted the store that owned the car, it was a situation where it didn’t carry out the relocation process on such a ridiculous excuse.
After working as a used car dealer, I went through some absurd labor in a few years and ended up working well.
Haven’t you experienced some kind of absurdity when you’ve been working in one place for a long time? I’ve also been working for years, and I’ve been through a lot of crazy things. We visited Grandeur nationwide, which you had hoped for, and delivered it safely, and the performance condition was very clean, both inside and outside.
There are often situations where you forget to send your registration card because you have a lot of work and are human.
This happens often, so of course it was before, but I thought I forgot to send my registration card. I haven’t been able to move because I’ve been traveling abroad for a week.
I heard an absurd answer.
He said he was busy now, and he said he would call me after a minute, so I thought I had to hurry up and prepare for it.
After talking to the district office’s automobile department, I was asked to contact the used car union member in the district next time.
When I heard the explanation, I was determined to reprimand the store rather than cover it up, and to make sure it’s resolved. I feel that not all used car dealers are bad.
I’ve been speculating, given the 88카 circumstances, that I might have used my money somewhere, and I’ve had the anxiety that I’ve been going through this kind of crazy thing that I’ve only seen on the news. I’ve had a hard time putting aside everything else in my time and just trying to figure it out. After confirming that the transfer was completed safely, I sent a picture of the situation explanation and registration certificate to the person in person.
I took steps to get it by mail for a few years, and after working as a used car dealer, I was really nervous for a long time, but I was able to solve it safely and complete it

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