Hongdae massage casia is a traditional Thai food.

Hello! Today, with my brother,

The story of the Hongdae couple getting a massage.

I’m thinking of doing it:)

It’s been a while since I had a couple massage with you.

You two were so excited.

Get off at Hongdae Station on the airport railroad.

You can come out of exit 7.

The way to Hongdae massage is really easy.

As soon as you get out, you follow the alley for about a minute.

I can see the sign right away!

There’s a parking lot, so if you’re bringing your car,

You must be very relieved!

My brother and I left our car behind on purpose.

The next time you come, there’s a parking lot.

I’ll have to ride it.

Can you see the sign on the second floor?

What if the two of us couldn’t find him at first?

It’s too close to the subway station.

I was able to find the sign easily because it was easy to see at a glance.

I think other people will find it right away.

Hongdae massage 홍대 건마 casia is a traditional Thai food.

It was written big at the entrance.

When I walked in, I realized that the warm temperature

I felt it, so I took off my jacket,

I’ll hold it in my hand, and I’ll be alone.

I think I’ve looked around a lot.

I don’t even know if there are slippers up there.

I almost just went in, but the slippers I wore indoors…

It was already set up.

They both almost just walked in, but they told me.

I just wanted to get sick, so I changed it.
There were many decorations in the lobby.

In between, elephants and pretty flowers

It was full of flowers and it smelled good.

The price tag was stated in front of it.

We got 90 minutes in Thailand.

But if you’re going this time,

I’d like to recommend that you get 120 people.

I really thought 90 minutes would be enough.

I’m so sorry ㅠㅠ

I wonder if it’s already over with you.

90 minutes flew by.

Next time, I asked him to go to heaven.

You can see it everywhere these days.

Even where hand sanitizers get Hongdae massage,

Of course there was.

You should always wear a mask.

Because we care for each other.

Don’t take it off and wear it because it’s uncomfortable!

Another fact as important as a mask!

It’s a healthy business with no decadence.

The shops in our image,

You’ve probably been associated with decadence.

I was worried about this with my brother.

But when I got here, there was no touch at all.

with enough sophistication to make your body feel languid.

I felt like I was going to lose my mind because of your care.

I think it would be good to bring my parents.

I was wondering where the nice scent came from earlier.

There were so many candles.

It’s possible to do aromatherapy.

It’s full of these good scents.

Not only the body but also the mind. It feels like it’s stabilizing.

My brother and I were gonna change our clothes.

We went into our own changing rooms.

The dressing room is not for men and women.

Because it’s a separate thing.

Just in case someone suddenly opens the door,

You don’t have to come in, so you can relax!

Inside the changing room, there are powder rooms and shower rooms.

It’s ready.

For those of you who are going to get your first aroma,

Let me tell you a little bit about it, before I get an aroma.

Wash yourself clean! after the completion of administration

It’s too greasy to wear right away.

There are people who take a shower.

So when I went to get a couple massage in Hongdae,

It’s better to check whether there is a shower or not.

Fortunately, there was a shower room here.

My brother and I didn’t get an aroma this day.

I didn’t have to take a shower.

Wash your hands or wash your face.

Right next to it, there’s a really neat, organized room.

I wiped it off with a towel.

After an hour of massage like 10 minutes, I went to the shower to clean up the remaining oil. The shower room was very clean. It was shiny without water or mold. I think Mapo 24 o’clock massage shop pays a lot of attention to cleanliness. These days, people are sensitive to cleanliness, but I can see that you’re working really hard.

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