I could come back with a light body.

I used to move my body a lot when I was working as a service.

As long as you don’t like it after you start office,

I don’t think I have anything to do.

Maybe that’s why you can move a little bit after work.

I feel so tired and tired.

I’ve also done stretching that helps relieve the stiffness.

Just for a moment, seeing that I’m tired again.

I want to cool you off at the Bundang Massage Shop.

All I could think of was that.

It’s something that you can’t release unless you’re an expert.

I’ve been looking for it. I’ve been looking for him.

As a result, I got to know Metatai.

I’ve always liked to be cared for.

I’ve had a lot of massage.

I don’t want to be hygienic even though I’m good.

On the contrary, it’s hygienic, but it’s not very good.

I’ve even been to an unfriendly place.

Now I want to go to the right place.

So this time, I searched the internet thoroughly.

I’ve read the reviews one by one.

There was a traditional Thai massage shop that matched the conditions I wanted.

I made a reservation over the phone with high expectations.

He gave me his car. You gave me a warm Louis-Boss tea. Maybe it’s because I came through the cold winter wind, but I think this tea was warmer and smells better than the tea I drank elsewhere. I heard about the course while drinking tea, but Sejong Single Shop Massage Shop operates as a single course, so you don’t have to choose a course.

It’s not like you’re in a room, and you’really?

It’s neatly organized so that you can see it at once.

You seem to be cleaning every once in a while, and as soon as you get in,

They’re good at keeping quarantine checks, like hand-worn or heat-checking.

I liked it first because I thought it was there.

We’re just gonna walk a little bit from Exit 1 of 세종 스웨디시 Sujeong Station.

I stopped by using public transportation on my way home from work.

I had to wait a little bit because I arrived earlier than the reservation time.

I was able to come inside and sit comfortably and wait.

Fortunately, we’re almost done cleaning the room.

I haven’t been waiting that long.

So that I can be comfortable in that short time.

He showed me to the sofa seat.

I sat down and looked around the inside.

The whole visual space is so cozy.

It wasn’t too much to come alone.

I went to Bundang Massage Shop, which is a good place.

It was all dirty and unfriendly.

No matter how I looked around, I couldn’t see a speck of dust.

Before we start, I don’t know where it’s most uncomfortable and uncomfortable

They ask and they proceed with it kindly.

I was really looking forward to your skills.

I went to get a massage by myself on this day,

This is a place with friends, lovers, or parents.

It was a perfect place to come.

Besides the taimasazi, Aroma, couple special care.

You can get partial care, so it’s your own business.

You can choose depending on your preference.

Once you’ve chosen what kind of care you’re going to get,

They showed me to the fitting room so I’m moving.

I liked it because it was neatly arranged here, too.
Starting with a dressing table where you can check your messy hair and face.

A locker that can accommodate thick padding, outerwear, etc.

It was well prepared.

Hairdryer combs, basic supplies.

I could come back with a light body.

The single course of the Sejong Massage Shop consists of dry + aroma + Swedish massage and was priced at 150,000 won per 90 minutes. I’ll tell you later, but after receiving it, I didn’t think it was too expensive or a waste of time because you worked so hard.

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