It was a nice place to recommend with confidence to acquaintances who like Swedish.

I’d like to recommend the Apgujeong massage shop I’ve been to before. It’s called “Two S Apgujeong,” and it’s a place where I want to visit often because it’s a place where I’m really good at Swedish.

I liked this place more because it had luxurious interior, a clean shower room, and good service. Swedish is very good for people with insomnia because it relieves fatigue and relaxes the body much faster than regular oil massage. I strongly recommend it to those who like massage.

It was located near Exit 5 of Apgujeong Rodeo Station. It was on the fourth floor of the building with a sign called “Florentch Clinic.”

I don’t see the sign, so I think the first time visitors can be confused, so I think it’ll be the fastest way to see that dentist!

If you take the elevator to the 4th floor, you can see the main gate. Since it was a massage shop, the interior was much bigger than the outside. ^^

As soon as I walked inside, I could feel a clean and comfortable atmosphere. It’s a place where you massage with Arma oil, so the scent is very different. Especially, Apgujeong Massage Shop had such a nice scent that you could notice at once that you used good oil.
The waiting seats were decorated beautifully, and most of all, the lighting in this building was so good that the atmosphere inside was warm. Before I entered the maintenance room, I sat in the waiting room and I was able to experiment with the oils I used here.

Unlike other shops, the oil used in the shop is 100% pure undiluted oil, so it was more helpful for relaxation. In addition, I heard it helps improve skin trouble, so I thought it would be good for people with body trouble to visit.

It was a place that used 100% pure oil to give authentic Swedish massage, and the advantage was that you could taste it before you get it. I was able to enjoy a comfortable time for about 80 minutes by choosing the scent I wanted.

I went to a single room, and I thought there might be a double room in this shop. Inside the management room, it was decorated so large that there was a sofa. The overall atmosphere was dark, and I felt more comfortable when I received Apgujeong 마사지 massage.

After changing into a gown, when I went out of the maintenance room wearing disposable slippers, the manager who was waiting for me guided me to the shower room. The fact that you can take a shower before you get a massage was also an advantage of Two S Apgujeong.

In the shower room, towels and basic items were prepared in advance. I liked them all the more because they were very neat and luxurious. There was no shortage of towels. And hair dryers and so on. I only took a shower before I got a massage, but I thought I could use it as much as I wanted to take a shower after taking care of it.

There were shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste and soap in the shower room. Maybe late-night visitors get a massage here and take a shower and go back home.

It’s open until 1 a.m. on weekdays, so it’d be good for those who usually use the late hours to refer to it.

I couldn’t film the process of getting a massage because it was a Swedish massage, but I was able to have a fun conversation with the manager for over an hour and take a rest.

I usually fall asleep without saying anything when I get a Swedish massage, but I’ve been talking so well with the manager here. He was so nice and witty that it was more memorable:)

We also provided you with sebum water after the maintenance. Thanks to you, my memory at the top of Two S Apgujeong was more positive. ^^

Apgujeong Massage Shop, which seemed to clear the mind as well as the body. It was a nice place to recommend with confidence to acquaintances who like Swedish. It was close to the station and the facilities were nice, so anyone could be satisfied! I’m planning to visit again next time.

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