Solve fatigue and stress at once

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Nowon Healing Story.

as well as as well as on the occasion of the visit.

It’s been a long time since I heard it.

It’s really close to the station like a massage at Nowon Station.

Nowon Story is located on the third floor of the building.

It’s very green from the entrance.

I feel like I’m already feeling healthy.

When I went inside, he was really…

He’s kind to me.

Overall, the subtle comfort is the key.

Sensitivity was inside Nowon Healing Story.

I think the kids will like it.

Cute 1인샵 decorations.

There are many different beds.

I don’t know if the massage at Nowon Station comes alone or…

I think it would be good to come with anyone.

What was unique was that in the corner of the store,

A device that can take a lower-body bath.

It was prepared separately.

Wow, if I had one of these things at home,

That’ll solve half of your fatigue.

The boss prepared a cup of tea for me.

I was consulted about where I was uncomfortable.

You’ve been recognized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Because he had the national certification.

We talked in a very trustworthy situation.

a suitable course for fatigue resolution

I decided to take an authentic hand-written massage.

The name sounds nice.

Now massaging Nowon Station in earnest

Before we enter the orthodontics course,

First, the most comfortable outfit to get a massage.

I’m gonna change it for you.

Usually, before you get into the massage,

They usually only give you foot baths.

And here in Nowon Healing Story, it’s unique.

by putting a pack on your neck first,

It was better to relax your neck first.

These careful differences make you want to revisit.

And finally, the massage at Nowon Station.

The time has come to experience.

You’re kind, but…

He’s got a lot of muscle in his entire body.

They solved it one by one.

To solve the fatigue problem.

Where and how it needs to be managed?

You see it at first sight, you notice it, and you say it.

I was surprised that you looked like tweezers.

And not to mention the cool touch.

advice for health, how to take care of the future, etc.

Thank you so much for telling me many things.

Usually, there are massage places like this at Nowon Station.

There’s a variety of Thai massage and Chinese massage.

If you’re doing a real hand-written massage,

It really keeps the body healthy.

I have a feeling that it’s focused.

And the last thing I saw earlier,

I’m going to take a lower-body bath and finish it off.

All the traditional essay massage courses at Nowon Healing Story have ended.

It took me over an hour to get it right.

I feel like I’m being treated well.

The choice of massage at Nowon Station is complete.

I think it was a good choice.

Whenever we need to solve our fatigue problems,

I’ll think of this place and come back

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