an office worker who wants to relieve his fatigue

I’m just at home because of my continuous telework. It was stuffy when I was working in the office, but I feel very uncomfortable sitting at the table for a long time and my shoulders and back are stiff. When I first started working at home, I thought it was so comfortable and nice to do it at home, but I don’t think it’s better to commute because I don’t have time to walk or go to the gym.

I liked to get a massage, but one of my favorite things is a Swedish massage from oil or cream. It’s a massage that I like because it makes my skin smooth while relaxing 수원건마 my muscles.

I was searching for it, but I went to jail because I heard there was a one-person shop in the east of September, Incheon that was good at massaging Sweden. I usually don’t go to Guwol-dong, Incheon, but I could go there easily because there was Incheon City Hall Station and Art Center Station nearby.

As I entered the entrance in time for my reservation, an employee greeted me kindly and explained about the Swedish massage at the one-person store. I decided to take the course because there were the most reviews about Swedish massage in Incheon’s one-person shop New White.

It’s a one-person shop system, and I reserved a single room. It’s easy to find a room for one person. I don’t want to go anywhere with people these days. It’s personal and comfortable. I loved it. I liked the neat interior.

As its name suggests, Swedish massage is a traditional Swedish massage technique handed down from the Swedish royal family. It is very popular in Korea, where people knew Thai massage or sports massage. Unlike other massage, Swedish massage is very delicate, soft, and stiff muscle relaxation, relaxation of edema, and improve stiffness of the body, so I would like to recommend it to many people like myself.

Single-room beds are not common beds, but they have a warm heating function that controls height, making the whole body warm and blood circulating as soon as I lay down. If you apply a little bit of oil, the dry body absorbs it, but this place applies oil generously and massages the skin, so it wasn’t burdensome and was comfortable to receive it.

After receiving a massage that relaxes muscles with fragrant oil, I slowly fall asleep as my body relaxes, and I can’t remember at some point. When I woke up, my body was so fresh and my face was spinning well.

I felt like I was touching every corner of my body with a treasure feeling, so I felt so comfortable after the work that I had to thank the supervisor

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