Don’t be sorry for those who missed the event

I was a kid, I was wearing anything

I mean, she was pretty in any bag,

As I get older, I naturally

I’m a man who can appreciate

I think we’re looking for a luxury product

A friend bought a Prada Hobo bag a while ago,

It’s a good fit for any style

I was so excited because I looked good in utilization +_+

Actually, I don’t have much to dress up for when I have a child

it beautifully can stylize in the comfortable casual look

I liked the price range because it’s not too burdensome.

I don’t know if there’s a department store right in front of the house

Especially in times of caution like these days

I’m afraid you’re going to the store on purpose

Can you easily shop luxury goods online these days?

But online is probably a way to

There’s a lack of solid authentication

It is true that online purchases are also reluctant.

But the world’s luxury shopping platform, Trenby,

to provide a shopping environment that has no doubt about the goods

Perfect: I’m trusting my customers with a genuine campaign

I can shop with confidence!

Especially in the Trenby Channel luxury signal

I’m telling you how to distinguish the authenticity of each brand

Even if you look at this video, the distinction between the items is a cold porridge.

I wanted to give me a gift from the end of last year

I was looking for Prada Hoboback on the Internet,

I was not able to buy it easily because I was worried about the goods!

But after seeing the Trenby luxury signal

I know the right way to distinguish genuine goods!

Prada Hoboback’s Divide of Gauths to Your Neighbors!

Let me introduce you briefly +_+

The first way to distinguish is the factory label!

I’m not sure which factory

It’s a label, but it’s only in the original.

If you only have a production label and no factory label, you’re a piece!

Second, the signature nylon material of Prada

We can check it out at the pocono fabric.

The original is soft and thin

The gauze feels stiff and thick when touched.

If you feel artificially coated, it’s a gift!

The third is the charm of Prada Hoboback and various components!

The coin perth of the valuables has no leather label to be inside

Checking the triangular plate logo, 1913

The numbers are so broken that it’s hard to see with your eyes.

The point where the PRADA part starts

with a stubby feel rather than a sleek feeling

The letters are crushed like they’re crying.

The authenticity has no such feeling, and the front part of the Prada letter is sleek

The 1913 numeric part can be clearly checked.

prada hoboback discriminating method

  1. Verifying whether a factory label is available;
  2. To examine the fabric of pocono;
  3. Confirming the internal label of coin pers;
  4. Reviewing details of triangular 레플리카 logos;

Before you go online shopping

The Trenby Channel luxury signal

I don’t think I should worry about buying a piece of merchandise, do I?

Especially with a trendy or not perfect: genuine chain campaign

It was nice to be able to buy it on a genuine basis.

Actors Lee Ji-hoon and Jung Ryeo-won

I saw the brand campaign ad video

You solve a simple quiz problem

There is also an event to present 100% discount coupon pack.

The first prize winner will be shown in the advertisement

I’m going to need a Celine bag,

For the second and third, it is usable in the Trenbee

I’m offering you B money

Please watch the video and participate in the event as well

By February 28, we’ll have a copy of the Trenby website

You can participate in the app, watch the video

If you participate in the quiz, you will automatically apply for the event.

The second event will also be held from March 1.

If you miss the first event, don’t be sorry

I think it would be nice if you could participate in the second event!

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