I recommend you to go to Busan Massage in the hope that the day will come soon.

My brother, who goes to bed early at night, has recently been working at night, and he’s been living off the clock, and he says he can’t concentrate on his work because his back is stiff. I’m not feeling well, so I went to Cheongdam The Thai to get Busan massage together. I left my car in the beach parking lot, which you can see down the alleyway of the Volkswagen Showroom.

I used the beach parking lot because it was close to the massage parlor. It’s on the third floor of a building on the diagonal block, so it wasn’t that hard to find.

My brother told me to pack extra masks just in case, so I didn’t forget to take the hand sanitizer, but it was ready at the entrance, so I washed my hands well, and I measured it with a contact-free thermometer just in case.

We were having an event called “couple experience massage” in this place, but when I first came in the afternoon, I signed up for a new member, and I was able to get it at a low price if I choose from the Aromana Thai simple course.

I was happy to receive the Busan Massage after receiving the benefits. Maybe it’s because I used a lot of black tones, but it was calm. And it was as cozy and stable as it was in a warm cabin, and it caught my eyes in the cute little decorations.

There was a dressing table in the changing room, but you can use this place to remove makeup or apply basic care. Just like in my room in my house, there are many different kinds of products on my dressing table, so I could feel that I was thoroughly prepared. My sister, who had become a habit of washing her hands often because she had a sink installed, used hand sanitizer at the entrance, but she washed her hands once more.

This is a locker for personal clothes and luggage. My sister is tall for a girl, so I was worried if she was dragging her clothes to the floor because she was wearing a long coat on that day, but there was no inconvenience in storing themselves were high.

We were both in desperate need of strong acupressure, so we decided to get a tie, but after the massage, we wanted to take a 인천건마 look at the shower. Each shower booth had all the supplies, and all the forgettable items were ready for one-time use. Just like the dressing room, the shower is well-lit, so it seems like he’s been trying to lower the risk of an accident.

This is a foot bath, and the lights here tell us that it’s different from a changing room or a shower room. It was perfect for relaxation, with light that seemed like a good night’s sleep and a fluffy sofa. It was my first time here, but I was relaxed just by looking at the interior.

They gave me a cup of tea while I was looking around. I heard that drinking the tea you prepared made me feel refreshed and relaxed. I drank tea, and I was wondering if the waste was discharged well, and even before I got a Busan massage, all the toxins in my body seemed to be escaping.

There was water in the footbath room. I couldn’t believe I could start the foot bath as soon as I went in because the foot bath was filled with water, so I was hesitant, and they said it was for us.

So I started taking foot baths, and after a while, I got a scrub. There was a scrubbing agent in a small bowl next to the foot bath, and he used it to rub it from heel to toe, and then rub it to get rid of the dead skin cells. Scrubbing is a way to get blood circulation and skin tone at the same time. After I got it all, I looked at my feet, and they turned out to be much softer than before.

And then I got a tie massage. When I got the tie, my acupressure was strong. But I didn’t press it painfully, but a Korean professional manager checked my condition first, pressed it slowly so that I wouldn’t be surprised by the clump, and massaged it a little bit. I felt refreshed and relaxed. My younger brother’s back has been hurting lately, and after getting a massage from his calves to his neck and shoulders, he said he could hold on even after a long night’s work, he felt cooler and refreshed.

I felt much more comfortable with stretching as well as Busan massage. I felt that my body was heavier than before, but when I was stretching, I felt that my body was alive and refreshed by doing a movement to wake up my sleeping muscles.

This is a group room for up to three people, and you don’t have to worry about odd numbers when you visit with your friends or acquaintances. It’s a room for three people, so it was spacious, and we take care of blankets and pillows on the bed every day, so you can use it in a comfortable condition.

There was a single room where you could get a massage in a cozy, still atmosphere by yourself. Since it’s a single room, it’s not too small and there’s plenty of room to relax, so even tall people can get a massage without any pressure.

And it’s not over yet. There’s a couch and a table in the lounge where you can sit and talk as comfortably as the couch in the footbath.

My brother, who found out that there are many other massage spots, including Marine City, Jangsan, and Centum, Seomyeon, and Nampo, he said he’d come back with me after the night work. I was feeling better and I wasn’t tired the next day. I recommend you to go to Busan Massage with your younger brother, hoping that the day will come soon.

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