I got balanced after a long time.

I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve been out.

I’ve been in a coma, and I haven’t really budged at home.

It’s been months since I’ve been a homebody.

The weather must have gotten warmer. The blooming season,

I have to take a lot of pictures in spring.

I went to the apex of Apgujeong in Webeauty for a cervical massage.

We Beauty Apgujeong Ridge After a Long Time

It was so nice to see you at the entrance.

Webeauty’s in a private room.

It’s a 1:1 massage.

Make a reservation in advance, and make a reservation at the scheduled time.

Ring the bell at the entrance, and you’ll be able to see the supervisor.

We’really welcome!

Check your temperature as soon as you get in.

Hand sterilization is a must!

I finished checking in QR.

The COSHI’s got a lot of management rules.

I’m keeping my eye on it.

Managers always wear masks.

And face-to-face with other clients.

Because there’s very little to hit.

You can take care of it with confidence.

This is the maintenance room.

You know We Beauty is famous for foot massage, right?

It depends on what kind of care you get.

There’s a supervisor who needs to use his feet.

Management is carried out on the floor, not on the bed.

At first, you’re on the floor, you’re getting massage?!

It was awkward, but the bedding was fluffy.

The floor’s stable, and it’


All gowns, sheets used by WeBeauty,

Boil it daily with natural light wood, double-washing.

I’m doing it, so I can be relieved even if my skin touches it.

Gwangmok fabric. I love it.

When it touches the flesh, it has a unique touch of light wood.

From a clean laundry to a scent perfect ★

The gowns are always pretty like this way to go.

Please wrap it with a ribbon and prepare it.

So I feel like I’m being treated before I get treated.

I just like being pretty.

A clean, clean cotton gown.

I’d like you to wrap a ribbon around it.

I feel good from the start.

After I took off my clothes and put on a gown,

If you put a cotton blanket on your face and you’ll be on standby.

The manager came in.

I get about 20-30 minutes of care.

(Management time depends on what kind of management.)

And then you’re gonna need to take the heat out of your body.

I’m gonna do the heat pack for about 10 minutes.

It’s time to rest comfortably.

*And the comments are asking if you’re sick or not.

A lot of people are asking.

I’ve had balance management, shoulder care,

Side cheekbones really don’t hurt.

I’ve been 남양주건마 thinking about it. = Sickness.

There’s a care that doesn’t hurt.

Of course it works, too.

When I go to the care center,

I’m not wearing any makeup.

If I had makeup on, I would visit.Cotton

Cleansing is possible, skin care products.

We’re all set. We’re done.

You can make it look neat and come out.

I got balanced after a long time.

I’ve only received one, but if you compare it before and after the maintenance,

The swelling goes away and the face looks smaller.

I guess this is why people have to take care of themselves constantly!

If you want your face to be small so you don’t get sick,

I recommend you to consult with WeBeauty!

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