I’m having the best season of my career.

Son Heung-min (Tottenham) made a determined statement.

British media HITC reported on the 13th (Korea time) that Son Heung-min appeared on the Stadium Astro YouTube channel and said it was “somewhat unfair” to the criticism that manager Jose Mourinho was receiving.

According to the media, when asked what he thought about the criticism of director Morimu was not fair, “Son Heung-min said, “Yes. I think so. Let’s be honest. “I think he’s the coach with the most trophies.

“All clubs face difficult situations,” Son said. We’ve had difficulties in the last few weeks. However, Mourinho has shown that he will never give up. “That’s why he’s one of the best directors in the world,” he said. “So I think the criticism he’s receiving is somewhat unfair.”

Son Heung-min defended Tottenham after the media and some soccer experts strongly criticized Mourinho for his recent slump.

Son Heung-min has been having 스포츠중계 the best season of his career by playing a combination with Harry Kane since Mourinho took over.

Meanwhile, the media said Tottenham seems to have succeeded in turning the tables recently, adding that as long as a player like Son Heung-min supports Mourinho, Tottenham will not go the wrong way.
“If we judge carefully for his development, we won`t be able to stop him from going to the minor leagues with an annual salary of $7 million.”

Kim Ha-sung (San Diego Padres) is struggling in exhibition games. He has two hits in 16 at-bats and a 0.125 batting average in eight games. He played one after another on the 11th and 12th (Korean time) and missed the Oakland Athletics match on the 13th.

Ahead of this season, Kim Ha-sung signed with San Diego for up to $39 million a year. It was guaranteed $28 million for four years and $7 million annually. However, there is no right to reject the minor league until next year. Given the ransom, San Diego is unlikely to demote Kim Ha-sung to the minor leagues. It is still early in the exhibition game. And the exhibition game itself is a stage where you don’t have to dwell on the results.

“He was a good defender,” Jastingler told the San Diego Union Tribune. It’s running well. “My legs look a little heavy and I’m suffering from fatigue, and he’s the first spring training in the Major League.”

The San Diego Union Tribune also said this should be considered. “He started a new season with a new team in a new language. I had to follow the faster game than in Korea. “I’ve spent a lot of time with coach Bobby Dickerson.

However, the San Diego Union Tribune said, “Although there was no indication that Tingler was likely to be a manager, if he judges carefully for Kim Ha-sung’s development, $7 million in annual salary will not prevent him from sending him to the minor leagues.” In the worst case scenario, if Kim Ha-sung is not good even after the opening of the season, San Diego can use the option to go to minor even if it costs $7 million a year.

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