a luxury editorial shop in Hyundai Department Store

I went to the Hyundai Outlet of Gassan Digital a while ago and there is a luxury editing shop called BASH on the first floor!
(BASH is a genuine editing shop for parallel imports of luxury goods that is only in Hyundai Department Store/Outlets; this is the first time I have known of luxury goods.Heh)
So I went in to see if I could.
There was a Gucci Interlocking 510304 product that I usually wanted to keep.
I asked you because the day I visited was only red and the color I wanted was black, the basic color.
I came in about 15 weeks ago, but I have gone out and there is no stock at present. I will cancel the payment if I pay in advance and check the inventory within a week.
I just want to have it too much when I see it

So, four days after the payment, I got a call that the product was in and came into my arms
I didn’t get a Gucci shopping bag because I bought it at BASH without purchasing it at Gucci store.
I’m a little sad about that.
My precious bag hiding in the dust bag
Isn’t it so pretty? The model I wanted to be
BASH warranty enclosed in dust bag with bag
It is a guarantee that proves that it is a product that is imported/sold through strict confirmation process!
Frankly, if you buy it on the Internet fastball, you can buy it at a much lower price.
I was worried that it was a fake. I went to a reliable editorial shop because I was nervous.
If the product is found to be defective within one year of the purchase date, it is possible to repair it free of charge.
In other words, if I have damage while 레플리카 using it, I have to repair the oil even after a year.

One by one, you’re tearing the package off
Classic Gucci Mark
I have seen that there is a lot of giss in the gold logo, but what about the pretty ones?
You have to take that.
Small mini-bag size, right? Because these days, I carry more small bags than big ones
I think it would be the best bag if it is practical.
How do you want to open the bag?
Turn the gold logo to the right and open the bag and it’s over!

1. Extracting chains in length and using them as crossbacks;
(Personal thinking: the length of the chain is about 55 cm, when wearing crosses on a 161 cm key basis.
It’s a little down from the pelvis, and I think those who are short might be a little long!)

2. Using the chain as a shoulder bag after winding it once;
(Personal thinking: I think wearing thick clothes might make the chain a little short.)

3. Use of the chain as a shoulder or tote bag when the chain is pulled inside the bag and bound;
(It can be produced in various ways by adjusting the length!)

4. The chain is completely pulled into the bag and used as a tote bag;

Can you produce a lot of different things?
Personally, I’ve been paying attention to the tote bag these days, so I use the fourth method a lot.
She was so cute.
Then we should look inside how practical it is.
The interior space is divided into two, so it is much better to use space!
Today’s tools!
Wallet, cushion fact, airpot
Even if you put the above products, there is plenty of space left?
I can not hold many things like a shopper bag, but I think I can store all the things I need when going out.
It’s also good for size and practicality!

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