After hot therapy, water filler management is included.

It’s a lumpy neck shoulder, but I’ve been feeling more stiff lately, and when I wake up in the morning, my body keeps getting swollen.
I went to Anyang Massage Shop, which is famous for its smooth management and intensive care for lymphatic circulation and edema relief.

The place I visited this time is Pyeongchon Massage Spa Queen located on 15th floor, 15th floor, A-Wing, Pyeongchon Acro Tower.
I used to go to Pilates before, so I was very familiar with it.
I walked close to my house, and it is also possible to park between the 2nd and 5th floors, which are dedicated to officetels in the building.

Spa Queen Pyeongchon is a 출장안마 one-person shop specializing in women’s body care, and only one person takes care of it one-on-one at a time.
So reservation is a must! I also made a reservation by phone in advance and visited.
Recently, I heard that you only get up to three reservations a day for social distancing.
For more safe management, we are thoroughly disinfected and ventilated at the end of each minute, so you can visit with confidence.

When I visited you on time, the director welcomed me kindly. 🙂
If you go inside, there is only one single bed, so you can take care of it privately. It’s a one-person massage shop in Anyang massage shop.
I don’t have to run into anyone else at all, and it’s just me and the director, so I thought it was the perfect management room for the un-attacked era.

As soon as we got in, we went into the bathroom first, washed our hands, and briefly talked about the program we were going to take care of today.
The spa queen Pyeongchon branch has a variety of care programs, ranging from main bride care to thermal full body care, barbon care, pain relief, cellulite care.
The price range varies slightly depending on whether you are a member or not, but I decided to take a basic bridal care course that focuses on mitral muscles, clavicles, and arms.

There is a separate shower room in the bathroom and a separate closet for storing clothes and luggage.
The director and I are the only ones who are getting massaged anyway, so we don’t have to bump into anyone else, and we don’t have to be sensitive.
I went to several massage shops in Pyeongchon, and it was the most comfortable and cozy atmosphere like home. 🙂

I could feel that you’re keeping all the supplies clean.
Disposable underwear is also provided, so if you receive a full-body suit, you can change to this one.
I received the decollete part intensively, so I was able to receive it lightly without my top.

Start managing in earnest! In the case of Spa Queen, I heard that it is famous for managing devices that make your body light and cool.
At first, hot therapy using heat was included. It was so warm and nice when it touched the body directly when the heat was transferred from the machine!
They say the heat from here helps to remove the cold air and relieve blood circulation, cold hands and muscles.
He wiped the neck, shoulders, and arm decolor from the mitral muscles, neck, shoulder, and arm decolor. The bride-to-be-wedding is one of the most well-paid caregivers.
The irritation wasn’t that much direct or overwhelming, but it was warm and soft, so it felt like it was a good fit for me personally.

After hot therapy, water filler management is included.
When I turn on the big machine that I saw on the inside, it makes vibrating noise and works. It’s loud. There’s no pressure, no pain.Hah!
Rather, if you go in and out of a large shower, you can get a very soft and cool massage. What a surprise!
More than 200 water column massage per second is excellent for cellulite and edema management!
I felt warm heat, and I got a cool massage, and I felt like I was in a hot bath, and then I was in a cold bath. LOL

When I got it, I didn’t feel strong, but I felt much better because I was lighter and cooler. ♬
I fell in love with the spa queen’s device management, so I thought I’d visit again next time!
The director was so kind all the time, the atmosphere was private and quiet, so it was Anyang Massage Shop where I got bridal care more comfortably.

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