Jiu-Jitsu training must be fun.

Female jiujitsu beginners like it the most.

This is not Jujitsu gym for 90% sparring competitions.

Sparring-oriented and jiujitsu training for the game.
The biggest characteristic and advantage of our stamp is that it’s not easy to find
Beginners and many women can train Jujitsu the safest and most enjoyable.
The largest number of female jiujitsu trainees in the world
You are currently taking lessons at the women’s jiu jitsu gym.

What’s different from the regular Jujitsu gym?

Training at the General Jujitsu Gymnasium
Training is actually a professional jujitsu training.
It’s a training method for athletes.

Many people have small finger fractures and a large cruciate ligament rupture.
We’re seeing a lot of injuries.
It’s easy to see.

What’s different from the regular jiujitsu gym?
To be clear,
You can do the safest jujitsu in the world without any injuries.

Can you tell me the training program for women and beginners?

Sweatdrops grow into peregrines for 1:10
I’m taking jiujitsu training.

Not a single member with no experience in jiujitsu.
I’ll teach you amazing jujitsu lessons in five minutes.
Anyone can enjoy it.

It is true that women are more disadvantageous than men under physical conditions.
With a practical jujitsu technique that can overcome that disadvantage,
that can turn disadvantages into advantages
You have amazing self-defense 주짓수 capabilities.

First of all, Jiu-Jitsu training should be fun.

Practice repeating the same moves every day.
Or the experience of Jiu-Jitsu’s skills not improving day by day.

To be entertained and well-informed.
All the women in the stamp are good at jujitsu.

Every day, new jujitsu technology and
Easy, hands-on, daily application behavior
like putting together a puzzle
You can enjoy it by boat, especially women.

Even women who don’t have enough exercise to train themselves in jujitsu.
They follow along, especially on a family basis.

Mom, Dad, Big Daughter, Big Daughter, Big Son.
They get together and get training in jujitsu.

that much
The atmosphere inside the stamp is like a family.
Soft and kind people greet you.

women’s self-defense
a full-body diet exercise that loses 15 kilograms in three months.
Relieve stress at work
thrilling jujitsu training to relieve depression

Feel free to contact us with the women’s and adults’ Jujitsu stamp.
I promise you a kind consultation with Director Hwang In-seok.

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