You did a great job against a four-gral opponent.

The original title was “Setting and Computation” by Jujitsu.
I thought it would be better to make Hongseong University’s “The Essence of Mathematics,” which everyone knows well in Korea, into a “set” chapter, but it was unnecessarily high-five humor, so I gave up.
There is no doubt that anyone who has only a collection and a proposition in black, and has been a new book, will press sympathy for this article.

The book of legend…

Anyway, I’m going to clean up the jujitsu vinegar today.
Of course I didn’t organize it on my own.
Looking at this and that on YouTube, it was incredibly organized in a video taken by a certain class (Gustavo Gasperin), so I looked at it and rearranged it.
The reason I first saw this video of Yangban was because I couldn’t think of an answer to answer sharply when someone asked me, “What’s Joo Jisoo?”
Since I’m curious, I’ll organize it in writing.

Jujitsu is a martial art that was born in Japan and developed into Brazil, and is still evolving by interacting with various martial arts such as wrestling.
And I dare say that it is the most specialized martial art in defense.
In the first place, it was developed to respond to a person who is bigger and stronger than himself, but it overpowered the opponent by putting him in a position that he would never get drunk under normal conditions.
Comments such as “the technique of gently folding the other person’s clothes that he is still wearing” and “manual yoga” did not come up.

Mom! This is the dictionary definition of jujitsu!

My first ❗️ with my children’s teacher.

Because of the teacher who hasn’t gotten his license yet.

By subway…

I’m sorry, guys.
I’m gonna get out of here.

Shall we take a look at the pictures of the children?

We’ll get together in front of the gym by 6:30.
My kids who just woke up.

From station to sosa station
Click to transfer to the West Sea.

I’m in the lower grades as soon as I get to 주짓수 the market.
children on the lookout

children who are very bored to wait

(Jaewon finished early because she was in the lower grade,
Kang Woo, a senior student, waited a long time. )

Jaewon did a great job.
He tied the close guard well, but his opponent overpowered his arm.
I couldn’t do anything at Closeguard.
But he stopped all his opponents passing.
Even when the close is open and the pass is critical,
I’ve recovered to the Halfguard.
It ended 0:0 but the victory went to a more aggressive opponent…
That’s too bad. It’s our first competition. You did a great job.

Next is ❗️
It’s been less than two months since I came to the gym,
He’s got good stamina and good sense, so he’s ready for something.

First of all, we always practiced Caesar’s Sweep.
First we got the first point, then we went up to the backmount,
I can’t put one backgrap hook in the opponent’s movement.
It was flipped and reversed.
Mugral did a great job against a four-gral opponent.
The best ❗️

Rainfall is generally from the beginning to the second half.
He didn’t score, but he tied up the close guard.
You’ve been very active in trying sweeps, submission, etc.
Even if we go to a tie, we’ll see a victory ❗️
With the last 10 seconds left.
I got passed and lost 0:3.
I’m so sorry.

We all have our first resources.
The preparation period was short, but everyone fought well.
We fought well even though we lost. ‼️

I’ve felt a lot since I left

I’ll work harder on my skills.
I’m gonna sparguing hard.
The kids who want to win next time.

The number of jujitsu can be divided into four stages.

But I’m lazy to write today, so I’ll finish writing tomorrow.

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