Introduction of other brands such as ring necklaces

It’s been a long time since

There is a huge demand for luxury goods.

Bluff, the means of show-off are now far from old.

I wanted to express my personality

Consuming famous brands and luxury goods has become a daily routine.

familiar with the digital age, sensitive to the latest trends

At the same time, it uniforms, it follows according to trend

It is also a generation that emphasizes my own color and personality.

When I buy clothes, too,

Caustic rains, pretty but not too burdensome

I used to get a lot of price brands

These days, the Maison Kits, Stone Island,

High-end brands like Maison Margiela

The tendency to purchase clothing and miscellaneous goods has increased.

At the same time, the field that started to be interested

A luxury bracelet, and a luxury watch.

Men often have a greater desire for watches,

I also wanted to need a watch when I was a child

I’ve been very interested lately

I stop by every time I shop at a department store.

And so is the men’s luxury bracelet.

I actually thought it was enough

I feel empty,

If you wear a simple, fine, luxury bracelet

I have a lot of desire to want.

And then I found out

I got to know the online channel.

The official Devask dealership

We’re going to need to make sure that

It’s a place to meet.

I’ve been looking at it for weeks

The jewelry brand started to come into my eyes.

So I even wore it like this.

I’m going to need a look at the Picasso

Italian luxury bracelet jewelry brand Devask.

It’s very luxurious from the package

well-represented brand identity

It was interesting to look at the brochure.

It’s the silver bracelet I wanted to wear.

Usually, the wrists are a classic leather strap watch

I usually wear Apple watches,

When is it possible to find

I was so fascinated by the sight of a men’s bracelet.

a little more, it is possible to purchase at the reasonable price

seemingly lackless,

It has the luxury at the same time even when being casual

It’s a jewelry that you can wear regardless of season.

The Devask bracelet has a variety of colors.

The new product 레플리카 recently released the enamel silver line

These products are kind of my style, so they look good!

there are many options

For example, it’s a color that matches my birthstone

It’s a simple favorite color

Or, you know, I’m not going to be able to

Picking options and wearing them as items is also a way.

I’ve been doing tans steadily

Both wrists and arms were burned to the eye.

And even a perfectly coppery girl,

I’m going to burn a little darker than I am now.

There’s a lot of guys who are interested in getting their own hands on it,

a thick, coppery body

Silver metal bracelet, it’s so cool to actually wear it.

in the Picasso luxury goods store, the history is confirmed after the product purchase

Size adjustment or simple initial free.

And when you buy, you can fit the size you want

You can choose and receive it by free shipping.

every month at Picasso Luxury

Buy various discounts and points for all products

Or they say promotions like gift-giving are going on

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