The old fatigue is all over and healed

I want to get some tai massage from the other day

I sang like that

I’m gonna go alone, so I’m gonna make a reservation

I’m gonna go out with my brother

I went to the massage shop with him

I wonder if it’s Friday

It’s a world that’s a whole lot of young people

to avoid the 강남피쉬안마 messy, busy places

In the meantime, muscle and the fatigue uniting are released

He spent time healing

I’ve been to other locations

The gundae branch was on the big side.

grand from the entrance

I can feel the luxurious atmosphere

I was so excited.

I made a reservation and visited

I was briefed and guided.

Personally, I prefer aroma

I’ve never been to visit with my brother

We’re both going to tie-simple

The price tag says that the option

Aromana foot care, stone therapy and more

I could get an extra

If you need me, please refer to it.

We were also hosting this month’s event.

I think the people who get regular massages

I’m sure it’s a good idea

because it’s a lot more profitable

I think it’s okay to take a decision.

So now I’m going to need a massage

under the guidance of the staff

I moved to the dressing room to relive.

In the case of the dry massage shop

not only is there a private locker in the locker room

with a shower room and a bathroom

It was nice because the space was so wide

Is it inconvenient to get aroma and leave oil

And those of you who don’t want your hair to get messy

You can use the showers comfortably.

I’m going to another management shop

Most of the showers are cramped

The facility is clean here

Especially when I have an appointment, I would like to use it.

The individual locker room is also locked

and kept it safe.

When you get a massage, you need to take out the accessories

If you need me to bring it to Info

They’re gonna put it in a safe and keep it.

I was so distracted at this time

The stylers are ready, too

Those who need it

I’ll talk to the staff

When I get a massage, I wear a nice dress

I think it’s refreshing and better.

not only this

I mean, a woman has to be careful about

Drier, brush, skin lotion, and so on

All equipped

without the goods which separately has taken

I could use it comfortably when I left.

after the return

I moved to get a foot bath first.

I may have made a reservation, but

I don’t run into anyone else every time I move

I liked it because I had a lot of time to relax.

I live with a cold water in the summer

I’m soaking my feet in warm water


I felt like my blood circulation was going well.

After a while, I’m going to need you to take charge of the massage

The officials are here

with the simple scrub removal

You finished it gently.

My brother is the first to have a taimasaji

He was playing a little strain alone

I’m not getting a massage with my brother, either

Call it a sticky brother and sister,

Next, the back door that we decided to get aroma in each room

I’m sure the heat’s up

to get a full-scale tai massage

Let’s go into the private room

The massage scene

I’m skipping the management office because they have privacy.

I’m sure my brother’s giving me an unexpected burst

It was also in a relax atmosphere.

The managers were so good at it

I really ignored the touch and the pressure.

In my case, I’ve been sitting around and looking at things

I’ve got a lot of buttocks

You catch the point exactly, and you release it

It was cool when I first got sick

I got it, and I was sure I was fine until the next day.

I’m not gonna forget

After the couple massage,

I was hoping you’d get me a cup of warm tea

I was warm to my insides.

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