This is the place where Frameless Pagora and Skyning were constructed.

It’s a constructed place.

From the last posting, to a restaurant related to Hanam,

I introduced a meat restaurant.

Anyway, since you’re in Hanam, you’re going to get Frameless Pagora.

I would also like to introduce a pretty house where skyning was constructed.

In Hanam, it’s a new town, so apartments are the main ones.

There is a housing complex, so you can see many pretty houses.

One of them was joined by Todo Crystal.

I finished a beautiful house.

Come with me for now.

The detached house I’m going to introduce today is a one-story building with a shape.

It’s a resting place where you can do various activities.

It’s a new house that has been remodeled by interior design.

This is a view of the house. The whole modern sense of the world is…

I think it’s an architectural design that stands out.

The external material is made using the siding techniques that are commonly used these days.

Excellent economy for preventing condensation and insulation

It’s time-construction.

I also took a picture of the scenery around my house.

Less than an hour from Seoul.

There’s a city out of town like this with a beautiful scenery.

Thank you very much.

Everyone’s north and north, but they’re all young.

I’d rather keep my money in my house and live as a 파고라 beggar with a house.

That’s the money I’m going to buy a house in a place like this.

Isn’t it the wisdom of life to live a leisurely life?

I dare to think.

Of course, I’ve never been near the North Pole.

I’m in financial condition.

The part of the picture that you marked Yogi…

Together with our Todo,

Frameless Pagora and Skyning

It’s a constructed place.

Among detached houses, the site area is quite large.

Every time I look at a house like this, I get some money.

I’m going to buy a piece of land that’s still undervalued.

I want to build a detached house like this in my old age.

Then let’s go to the place where we started construction.

In the first floor of the c-shaped house structure,

Skyning and Frameless Pagora were constructed.

Maybe it’s a space to be thrown away.

It’s a very effective use case.

I made a roof out of sky-onning.

It’s an interior design that takes into account the atmosphere with LED lights.

The front is constructed with a frameless crest.

Secure full visibility and make space narrower.

Frameless Pagora is a complete solution.

Skyning is something that can fully open and close the roof.

Now you know everything.

Of course, even the Frameless Fargo.

That’s how you can open it up!

Of course, it is possible to open as much as I want.

The landlord must be using this place as a play room.

I can see the table tennis table at the corner of the picture.

All of a sudden, the kids who are going to grow up in these houses…

I’m jealous. Of course, it could be for adults.

You can look down from the living room on the first and second floors.

It’s connected directly to the first floor veranda.

To serve as an outdoor terrace.

It has been transformed into a space that serves as a three-stone space.

Looking at the outdoor tables and chairs,

What kind of parties will be held here?

I think I can see it in my eyes.

There’s no high ground. The view of the house.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t take it.

The modern sense of housing,

Skyning and Frameless Fargo.

It’s a perfect match for fantasy.

It’s my idea to the extent that’

The value of the house after the construction of this system

I think it’s doubled.

Let me guess carefully.

So, we added a system that fits the house and constructed it.

The benefits come from the convenience of using the system itself.

I’ve been working hard to increase the value of the house.

It’s very diverse and practical.

Skyanning or Frameless Pagora.

It’s not a small amount of money in terms of price.

Some of our customers keep saying cheap things.

This is a really dangerous idea in comparison.

Even if it’s a part of a house,

It’s part of the architecture. It’s where my family lives.

It’s going to be constructed, but how did you ignore safety?

Can I just weigh the price?

I’ve been working on this.

There’s a saying that cheap rice cake.

It’s really something that’s been acquired in the lives of our ancestors.

I felt it was a proverb.

We also want to buy cheap parts and give them to you at a cheap price.

But it’s different.

Made in China? Cheap and similar in appearance, but different.

I can’t sell such a thing with the conscience of a dealer.

Even if you hear it’s expensive, it’s the right part.

That’s a long editorial.

I was so moved by the thought of some of you who didn’t know this.

Anyway, if you trust me and leave me with it, I’m sure it’s worth it.

I can assure you.

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