I’m gonna need you to press the back of your neck

One by one, the more you’re going to get

It hurts and it’s hard, so I get annoyed.

I’m sure my friend who was taking my heart out

I had to make a reservation for a massage shop

I was just coming with you. 강남수안보안마 I’ve been there.

The part that was sore and painful with the skillful hand

I’m fascinated by the soft-spoken work of the man.

They’re both tousled, so we’re going to need

I had to take the train, but the bridge was really

I didn’t want to walk much because it’s a lot of cheongeun.

But when I came out the exit, I was right in front of him

It was easy and nice.

Turns out, this is the massage specialist

It was a pain center.

I’m gonna have to go to the store every day

It says they’re disinfecting the disease

I think I was relieved a little bit.

It was a quiet atmosphere because it was being made with a reservation system.

These days, there are a lot of people inside,

I look ahead and I’m going to have to

I’m looking for him, but his boyfriend knows

I was also grateful for the booking and the search

I’m gonna need to know

I’m waiting for a minute to check on the inside of the store

I looked around and saw a professionally trained manager

He runs a healthy health care center

I noticed that there was a story.

So I’ll look into it later and find out

There’s a lot of people out there, and I’m just saying, in terms of ability

It’s solid, and it’s a healthy shop

I think a lot of people prefer it.

I checked the reservation and checked the hand disinfection

I’ll also carefully list the visitors and then I’ll have to

I’ve been looking at it, and now I’m thinking

The teachers at the Gangnam Massage Shop who have received professional training

I was giving you care, but it seemed really cheap.

to decide on the program and change clothes

I was escorted to the dressing room.

There was only the need for it.

Honestly, even if you go to the bathhouse, the skin lotion there is

There are few people who use it. Driers and disinfectants

I thought it would be perfect if I had only a few.

I was ready for the gown by size.

I’m not giving it out, but I’m not giving it

I was comfortable because I could choose and wear it.

Especially women are sensitive to their size

It seems good to be able to wear it by choosing it directly.

massage health center shower room

You have carefully prepared the necessary things.

There were body wash, shampoo.

among those who receive oil care

I think it’s because there are people who wash it out

I mean, I’ve seen it’s a good oil

He said it was better to wait a while until it was absorbed.

When I came out of my clothes, he showed me to the footbath room.

in the chair and footbaths of the wood

It was full of good scents like coming into the woods.

And despite the wideness, I’m getting it on reservations

I think I was excited.

It was enough for an adult man to put his foot in

The bathing agent is loose, so the color of the water

It was waving pretty, and it was just the right temperature

I’m just soaking my feet

I felt like I was getting rid of the fatigue I had accumulated.

They’re sitting side by side, relaxing

The manager prepared me a welcome tea.

It was like a boi-cha when I drank it!

Soak your feet in the warm water and have a cup of tea

I can enjoy the leisure of drinking, so this is where

I think it’s paradise on the ground

Now, I’m gonna go to the room

I walked down the hall to go.

You see, the floor is so shiny

It’s clean, and the surroundings aren’t loud

I think I can come alone and rest well.

And the people who actually come and receive it alone

They said there were plenty of them. They had sleeping rooms

It’s also a good idea that those who are tired of working late

It’s a big deal. You come here, you get a break

I thought I might go.

I was a little nervous when I first came

The manager of the massage in Gangnam smiled and stepped forward

I’m starting to make sure I’m comfortable

I was able to concentrate on the program gradually.

I think I’m just seeing my face on the bed

I’ve got a problem with the hygiene

I’m gonna need to get the sheets

You don’t have to worry about it, you put it on top.

in the bed in which the temperature warms up

I’m happy just lying there,

You let go of the handmade artifacts

The sound of pain came out of itself

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