Not only did we write off interest, but we also lost a lot of sales

The recent epidemic has 휴대폰소액결제 led to a reverse growth of the economy, and consumers’wallets are closing tightly because they do not know what will happen in the future. To make matters worse, the government is running a social distance to prevent the spread of COVID-19, preventing stores from being closed for more than a certain period of time, making life difficult for small business owners.

The government is providing various support because self-employed people cannot survive if they restrict their operations, including private business COVIDO loans. It lowers the interest rate and allows small business owners to use it at an ample limit, but it is not for free, so you should be careful because it becomes a debt after receiving it.

Although interest rates on private business corona loans are low, it is usually burdensome to borrow at a large amount of 10 million won to 20 million won, so even if the interest rate is low, it may be burdensome to be charged later. Most of all, it may be difficult to pay back after borrowing money because the sales are low.

In that case, there is a procedure to help pay back existing debts by integrating them, using individual rehabilitation of private businesses. The reimbursement is set according to the sales, so it is easier to reduce the debt than paying it back on your own.

If it is overdue, it can be difficult to do business while receiving bond collection, and if you use the procedure that the court helps you, you can get away from debt collection after the prohibition order and eliminate factors that hinder you when you do business.

It is an optimized procedure for paying off debts because it can prevent not only the agency’s phone calls, visits and texts, but also the seizure of fluid assets following the payment order. There are many people who are unable to cope with the continued increase in debt after getting a loan from a private business COVID, so please apply before it becomes more difficult and get out of the collection.

Let me show you a case in which I paid off my debt through personal rehabilitation as I struggled to pay back my debt after taking out a loan from a private business COVIDO. I run an accessory store with two employees. They were mainly in the export business of bringing goods from China at a low price and selling them to Japan with margins.

Before the COVID-19, Japanese people freely came to Korea and looked at the product and bought it, but it was difficult to enter Korea due to the epidemic, so there were no Japanese who saw the product and sales began to decline. My drop in sales did not lower both the store and management costs, so it started to be burdensome to run the store, so I had to clean up the employees I worked with.

I had some time to sort out the employees, but it was temporary, and it became more and more difficult to live as I couldn’t make any income. In the meantime, I asked a financial institution for a review when I heard that the government supported me so that I could borrow money at a low interest rate, and I was able to borrow 30 million won, the amount I wanted.

While running a store, I was able to pay the store tax by paying back the principal and interest of borrowing 50 million won to buy fabrics and materials. The problem was that the crisis could have been overcome right away, but the crisis began to come after spending all 30 million won borrowed.

The interest rate was low, but in addition to the principal and interest, the store maintenance and maintenance costs were not able to be paid. As a result of getting a lot of information on how to overcome the dilemma where my income kept falling and I had to pay my debt, I had nothing but the personal rehabilitation of my private business.

Income is being generated enough to apply for a court-assisted procedure, so all you have to do is file the case and proceed. In fact, I was going to do it alone, but I had a hard time preparing and filling out the documents, and I found an office that could help me, and I took the case. It was definitely handled by an experienced professional, so it went faster than when I was preparing for the case alone.

Since I was an operating income earner, it was not easy to prepare the tax data that I had paid to prove my income. Still, I thought that this process was my last hope and prepared it step by step, and I was able to prepare and submit a reimbursement plan and a statement with the help of the office.

Personally, I expected a prohibition order to be issued, but the debt of 30 million won was due to the epidemic, and the existing 50 million won was borrowed to sell more samples, so there was no problem, so I could get a prohibition order. I haven’t paid the principal and interest of the debt since I was banned, but this has made my living expenses more comfortable.

After the decision to start, the date for the meeting of creditors was set, but I did well without paying the payment, and the rehabilitation committee called and said I didn’t have to attend the rally because there was nothing unusual, and the approval decision was made about three weeks later. I’m paying the amount comfortably because I only have to pay the set reimbursement after the approval decision was made.

Not only did I write off interest, but I also paid off the principal due to a large drop in sales, but I am fortunate to be able to be recognized for my repayment plan so that I can be exempted if I pay back some of them. Many people have taken out loans from private businesses to live like me, but the situation has gotten worse. Don’t try to pay off your debt alone when it’s hard to pay it off, but try to pay it back through personal rehabilitation of a private business owner.

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